Trap Maintenance


  • Check water level weekly, fill to the bottom of the drain hole as necessary.
  • Replace the pesticide tab and velour strip every 10 weeks.
  • We recommend 4-6 traps per small lot and up to 30 traps per acre outside of inhabited buildings.

Don't worry if you don't see dead mosquitoes in the trap. The mosquitoes die within minutes of exposure to the pesticide, and many die after they've left the trap. When replacing the pesticide tab and velour strip, check the velour strip for eggs. Mosquito eggs are black, oval shaped, and about the size of poppy seeds. Not every trap may contain eggs or mosquitoes every time you check it. If you see larvae (wrigglers) moving, replace the pesticide tab. The trap is working as long as you have water in the trap, the velour strip is in place, and the pesticide tab is replaced at least every 10 weeks or sooner if live larvae (wrigglers) are seen.