BioCare® Ladybug Lures

The BioCare® Ladybug Lures contain a pheromone which acts like a magnet that tells beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, where to find food. That food being the pests that are munching on your gardens. Beneficial insects drawn to your garden will search and destroy pests, and then move on looking for more food. Use Ladybug Lures with live ladybugs to keep them in your garden longer.

Each package contains four lures, replace lures every 3 to 4 weeks. Helpful hint: Place the lures whenever aphid infestations are seen. Use 1 lure every 6 feet through your garden or green house.

Were you a fan of our earlier Aphid Chaser product? Try this instead! It still works to scare away aphids, by luring in Ladybugs who munch on the aphids that don't clear out in time.